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Freedom to be Objective Pt 2

Posted on: August 24, 2009 1:01 am
Now, let's look at the one's on the field and in the suites:

1. Luis Castillo - Ironically, he is having the best season of all the Mets regulars, which is a scary thought. Castillo is what he is - a singles hitter with good plate discipline and some speed. At least he has given the Mets that this season - blown pop-up vs. the Yankees notwithstanding.

Prognosis - Sell High! Mets should look to move him in the off-season as his value will likely not be better.

2. Billy Wagner - Came back. Pitched one inning 1-2-3. The Mets proceeded to put him on waivers and apparently the Red Sox have claimed him.

Prognosis - Take the salary savings. Let the Sox have him for a career minor leaguer.

3. Angel Pagan - Many note how great he'd be as a fourth OF. He may be a little better than that. In the right situation, he could/should be a starter and capable leadoff hitter.

Prognosis - Don't let him go. At worst he's a fourth OF, and if Beltran were moved and you had 2 corners with pop, he could start.

4. Jeff Francouer - Frenchy seems to have found new life in Citi Field. Ironically, he says he's felt less pressure playing in NY over his hometown team Atlanta. Brings good defense, a capable bat, and a good attitude to the team. Won't walk alot so is a classic 5-hole hitter.

Prognosis - The "Core" has a new addition.

5. Oliver Perez - Knew this re-signing would backfire when it was made. The elevator doesn't always go to the top floor in Ollie's head. He is the poster boy for Met's salary mismanagement. Randy Wolf was a better - and cheaper - option, which would have left some change to sign a proven OF bat (Bobby Abreu, Pat Burrell, Raul Ibanez). Trading him would be a miracle - like finding a GM dumber than Minaya.

Prognosis - Oh! The Pain! for 2 more seasons.

6. Gary Sheffield - A good signing when the Mets still had a chance. Now Shef is unnecessary. The Mets put him on waivers recently but pulled him back when they couldn't get a "good" offer. The excuse was they're trying to win games. Admirable, but a day late and a dollar short.

Prognosis - Should have let him go for a song and make room for a younger player to get some time. DH in 2010.

7. Daniel Murphy - Played miserably in the OF, but hit well while there. Moved to 1B and played more than adequately there defensively - yet somehow misplaced his bat for a while. Never underestimate the value of having a good glove at first. His bat is coming around lately, although the power is still not there yet. Could be a Youkilis type, where the power comes later, but hasn't drawn the BB's yet.

Prognosis - Unless a powerful 1B option comes available, should be given another chance.

8. Fernando Tatis - Lightning in a bottle in '08, the bottle shattered in '09.

Prognosis - Hasta la vista, baby!

9. Jerry Manuel - It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Manuel was handed a lemon and told to make - orange juice. It's almost unfair to evaluate him because of the injuries, not being able to pick his staff, and having the situation thrust upon him. He did an admirable job turning the Mets around in '08, getting them to the brink of the playoffs. However, the bottom line is that managers are evaluated on wins and losses, and this season is - a loss.

Prognosis - Joined at the hip with Omar Minaya so....

10. Omar Minaya - GM  is the toughest job in sports as you are the top talent evaluator. He has made a few situational moves (i.e - the Core stayed  healthy) in getting Sheffield and Francouer. But Minaya's problems started in the preseason. My theory is that he looks at situations and not the big picture in building a team. The Mets bullpen cost the the playoffs in '08, so he went out and shored up the 'pen admirably. His biggest fault is that he is loyal to "his guys," players/personnel he brought in (like Castillo, Delgado, Perez, Bernazard) and forgets that to build a winner you must remember the MLB is a business  and friendships are tenuous.

Prognosis - Time for a change in culture from the top, but...

11. Fred & Jeff Wilpon - If you ask Fred, Jeff is now running the Mets, and if you ask Jeff, he says...nothing. The Wilpons are the most media-sensitive franchise owners in sports (The Dolans - Knick, Rangers - virtually ignore the media) but make themselves look amateurish in their approach to (mis)managing the Mets. More concerned with reaching out to ethnic cultures they need to reach out to baseball culture. Citi Field seems more a memorial to Ebbets Field than home to the Metropolitans. We get the fact that Fred is a Brooklyn Dodger fan and Sandy Koufax is his buddy, but let's focus on the Mets and their history - and future. Winning - first, last, and always - should be the Wilpons' mission.

Prognosis - "Under New Management" could be the best words Mets fans could hope for.

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Posted on: January 11, 2010 11:55 am

Freedom to be Objective Pt 2

Bolt Thrower,   Having read your blog I would have thought that you were coping my posts, except that they were your thoughts before I shared them. 

"Under New Management" could be the best words Mets fans could hope for.

How powerful would have that been during the turmoil of the past season, It is good to find an ally of the same mind.  Don't give up the blog, I will look for it and will quote it with attribution.  yogi

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